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About NovoPath

The vision for NovoPath is:-

  • Improving health and well-being through the delivery, innovation and promotion of precision diagnostics for precision medicine

The mission for NovoPath includes:-

  • Provide high quality and timely specialist technical services in tissue-based diagnostics to researchers and academy healthcare providers and industry
  • Operate as a successful innovation hub for tissue-based diagnostics including the development of novel prognostic tests and computational pathology and through this
  • Facilitate the discovery, refinement, adoption and evaluation of cell and molecular biomarkers for precision oncology and in chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Become a major strand in Diagnostics North East (DxNE) and in the Research, Innovation and Enterprise theme for the Academic Health Science Centre  (AHSC)


However, it’s the people at NovoPath are what really make us who we are. To find out more about the team please click on their profiles:

Professor Alastair Burt

Director of NovoPath - Newcastle MRC Node

Dr Max Robinson

Deputy Director

Dr Chris Bacon

Deputy Director

Dr Chris Carey

Deputy Director

Dr Chris Kettle

Operational Manager

Sarah Leigh Nicholson

Cellular Pathology Laboratory Manager

Claire Jones

Advanced Biomedical Scientist

Tom Ness

Specialist Biomedical Scientist

Stacey Weatherson

Associate Practitioner Healthcare Scientist

Sabina Gonsalves

Registered Biomedical Scientist

Rowen Coulthard

Registered Biomedical Scientist

Laura Mansfield

Associate Practitioner Healthcare Scientist

Sarah Smith

Healthcare Science Associate