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Delivering precision pathology for 21st century medicine

We provide high quality and timely specialist technical services to researchers and academics, other healthcare providers and industry.


We operate as an innovation hub for tissue-based diagnostics including the development of novel prognostication tools and computational pathology.

Professor Alastair David Burt

NovoPath was established in 2015 with funding from the MRC and EPSRC, one of six that were supported at that time. In taking on the Directorship in early 2020, I see us having entered the next phase of our development, embracing recent developments in tissue-based diagnostics and exploring new methodologies including virtual staining. We are working towards a digital future while also developing the next generation of precision pathologists

Key people

Professor Alastair Burt

Director of NovoPath - Newcastle MRC Node

Dr Chris Bacon

Deputy Director

Dr Max Robinson

Deputy Director

Dr Chris Carey

Deputy Director

Dr Chris Kettle

Operational Manager

Claire Jones

Advanced Biomedical Scientist

Sarah Leigh Nicholson

Cellular Pathology Laboratory Manager


NovoPath is a key component of Diagnostics and Therapeutics North East (DxNE/TxNE) which was established to bring together and present a unique seamless infrastructure to life science organisations to support innovation, development and evaluation of new therapeutics and diagnostics for the NHS. DxNE/TxNE offers an unrivalled network from discovery science to clinical adoption, evaluation and horizon scanning.

Get involved
  • Leica Biosystems

    Kieran O’Toole, Principal Scientist

    NovoPath has provided Leica Biosystems with multiple core tissue microarray blocks designed to meet our specific requirements. The work has been carried out promptly and to a high standard.

  • Rarecan

    Andy Hall, Chief Scientific Officer

    Novopath has been instrumental in supporting RareCan by using their expertise and specialist facilities to obtain and process samples from patients throughout the UK with rare forms of cancer for genetic analysis.